15 terms to help you understand programming slang

Do you work with developers but don’t know a single line of code? The vocabulary among coders can take some time to understand. We made a list of words that will help you figure out what the fuzz is really about. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even start using these terms yourself and amaze the people around you!

Developer-English-Developer dictionary (with a hint of Finnish) – Each novice stepping into the IT world should have one to ease them into this field. We listed terms, which will help you a long way:


Beacon = A digital “lighthouse” that enables e.g. cell phones to detect themselves. Kinda like GPS, but works indoors as well. 


DevOps = Comes from the words software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops). In practice, in addition to building an application, developers also bring that application online and make sure it stays online. 


Fukuppi = “Someone else (someone other than me) fumbled up something.” Etymology: Fuck up.


Idempotent = When executing an operation N times leads to the same result as it did on the first execution. 


Konffata = Finnish slang for to configure (settings or parameters)


Käli = Finnish slang for user interface (UI). The visual representation of the software to the user. Can be physical or viewed through a display, and may involve buttons and other controllers for the user to interact with. 


Legacy = Outdated code. The tools and philosophies of programming evolve constantly, which makes the older applications hard (even painful) to maintain and develop, especially for the more recent programmers. The solution then can be to rewrite the application either partly or completely.


Proxy = A proxy server, i.e. an additional server between the client and the server. The purpose is e.g. to make the transfer faster, or to ensure information security. 


PCI = Payment Card Industry. An organization founded by the card payment industry (Visa, Mastercard, et al.), which guarantees the safety of payment card information and prevents misuses. Also used to indicate other standards, directions, or demands given by the organization. (*Psst!* Poplatek is PCI certified, more information here!)


Pannu = Finnish slang for server, i.e. a computer on the internet..


Puukottaa = Finnish slang for making a fix or change  (often unorthodoxly) to a piece of code or a system. Another word for this could be purkkaviritys. Not necessarily a beautiful solution, but it’s quick and does what’s needed. 


React = A technology for building user interfaces for web applications. 


Serverless = Code that is run only when needed. Billed by the use. No need to use own servers (“pannus”, see Pannu above).


Token = A piece of information that grants access to a service. 


Webhook = A way for services to inform each other of changes. 




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