Mobile payments renew quickly

3 payment transformations in the upcoming years

Mobile payments are becoming quicker and easier – it is ensured by banks, card providers, and mobile manufacturers who constantly develop new solutions. Below, we have listed a few of the new payment methods that are the most interesting to Poplatek and that we handle perfectly.

Mobile payments are moving into a new era. Banks, card providers, and mobile manufacturers are preparing a lot of new services to Finnish markets. It seems that the future holds faster and easier paying both on online and in physical stores, which makes a lot of people happy. Here are three interesting topics that will change the payment landscape and where we are glad to help.


Siirto has a probability to rise to popularity

Siirto is Finland’s first real-time payment method for mobile payments between different banks, and it is owned by bank-owned Automatia. The system is based on phone number identification, and the money is instantly transferred between accounts. The forerunners of Finnish banks are Nordea, OP, Aktia, and S-Bank, as they are bringing Siirto system as part of their own applications during the spring of 2017.

Siirto speeds up the payments between consumers and provides companies interesting payment possibilities on top of traditional card payments both online and in physical stores. Hence, Siirto has pretty good possibilities to become popular.

Card wallets are internationally growing

The wallet applications of international card providers have become more common during the past few years. Especially Mastercard’s Masterpass, Visa’s Visa Checkout, and Paypal’s One Touch application have gained international popularity as ways of online payments, among other things due to their ease of use.


The wallet applications are smoother versions of card payments. However, these haven’t yet reached Finland. With wallet applications, one can pay with various card provider’s Debit or Credit cards, and in addition, pre-saved delivery addresses in the app fasten the payments.


Device manufacturers are the dark horses of the payment field

Lately, mobile manufacturers have also started to show their own wallet applications. Apple released Apple Pay, and Google’s Android Pay have gotten many users in the US and the UK. Manufacturers co-operate with banks to enable these wallets. However, Nordic banks have not yet participated in these.


So far, Finnish banks have concentrated on other wallet solutions. Time will show into what role the device manufacturers’ wallet solutions will rise in the Finnish markets.



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Mikko Virtanen

Mikko Virtanen


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