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Poplatek’s AWS Iot platform is designed from the ground up to be flexible so that it can accommodate different types of devices and use cases. While developing our platform we have made sure it does not compromise with ease of use or security.


Our customers will be able to pick from a wide range of industrial- and commercial-grade IoT devices to integrate into our platform; we make sure they talk with our systems in an efficient and secure manner. There is minimal need for configuration at your end without compromising output quality.


Our platform is also data science and machine learning -friendly. The data pipeline has been constructed in a manner which can accommodate a wide variety analytics purposes, from simple visualization of historical data to training and implementing cutting edge machine learning algorithms.


Poplatek can help you to adapt this platform to your industry-specific needs. We can help you with picking between different sensor types and communication protocols (e.g. BTLE, LoraWAN, NB-IoT).


Screenshot from Tampere
View of the city of Tampere


We can go even further and help you discover a competitive advantage by utilizing the power of IoT and analytics in your business. For example:

  1. Monitoring environmental conditions (e.g. local temperature, CO2 concentration, street dust) over a large area such as a city, and visualizing them in a map-based interface. This will help power your smart cities with real-time information.
  2. Tracking the developing conditions of a specific process or object, and using machine learning -based methods to predict when they will reach a certain threshold. This will help you optimise your production processes, and plan dynamic maintenance cycles.
  3. Alerting users when anomalous conditions are detected by one or more sensors. This will allow you to respond immediately to expensive failures in your processes.
Poplatek office
We measure CO2 levels at our office

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