Speed things up with AWS cloud services

Poplatek’s AWS Kickstart workshop gives you a comprehensive understanding of the potential of AWS cloud services. You will learn how to save costs while making your business more efficient.


The key goal of the workshop is to get a full understanding of your business challenges where AWS cloud services can help by providing efficient, modern operating practices. In the workshop, we will challenge traditional, sluggish processes and heavy cost structures. We will also create concepts for alternative, scalable solutions that take full advantage of cloud-native components.

This workshop will crystallize your business needs into clear use cases and technical requirements. As a result, you will have something concrete to continue with. We will document the use cases and suggest a preliminary AWS architecture and related AWS components. We will give you a preliminary schedule and effort and cost estimations for a possible Proof of Concept implementation and the project as a whole.


* Price 1,950 EUR (including workshop, breakfast and lunch).


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Aws cloud services

Case Veikkaus: The transactions of the gaming company were transferred smoothly to the cloud

Veikkaus has an excellent reason to smile. The gaming company’s card and online payments were transferred smoothly to an AWS cloud service maintained by Poplatek. Following the migration project, Poplatek will provide to Veikkaus centralized payment transfer services relating to online store payments and card payments made through a total of 20,400 payment terminals.

Poplatek AWS-partneriksi

Vahvaa osaamista AWS-ylläpitoon ja pilvipohjaiseen ohjelmistokehitykseen

Poplatek on virallinen Amazon Web Services -partneri. CSA-sertifioidut asiantuntijamme auttavat yritystäsi AWS-pilvipalvelujen kustannustehokkaassa ja turvallisessa käyttöönotossa sekä edistyneessä pilvipohjaisessa ohjelmistokehityksessä.

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