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We believe in co-creation and sharing our experiences. Our blog brings together the latest themes and topics from the business. We share our team’s experiences and best practices, as well as insights from our travels, hackathons and demo parties.

What languages does Poplatekcrew use in coding?

The Story of Poplatek

Poplatek celebrates its 10th anniversary – Read our whole story!


Towards green cloud architecture


How to save money on Total Cost of Ownership through AWS?

Data science

How does knowing astronomy give an advantage in software development?

How does the new AWS data center in Stockholm impact Finns?

In-app payments

In-app payment essentials: 3 facts you must know

Junction technology

What does the future of payments look like based on Junction projects?

Poplatekcrew AWS

Poplatekcrew achieved 10 new AWS certificates in a year – Are you up for the challenge?

Video highlights from Junction

Junction winners

Best solutions for frictionless urban payments in Junction 2018

Junction tarrat

Top 3 highlights of Junction 2018 from the company’s viewpoint


Frictionless payments of the future

Paytrip Vuosantaan | Asiakaspäivä

Poplatek Paytrip – Discussing the future of payments on a boat

AWS partner

Solid expertise in AWS maintenance and cloud-based software development

6. luokkalaiset | Pori | Poplatek

Takeaways include unforgettable memories and prize for best programming

Poplatek Berlin

Spray cans, beverages and laser war in a bunker

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