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Case Veikkaus: The transactions of the gaming company were transferred smoothly to the cloud

Veikkaus has a good reason to be pleased. The gaming company’s card and online payments were smoothly transferred to an AWS cloud service maintained by Poplatek. Following the migration project, Poplatek will provide to Veikkaus centralized payment transfer services relating to online store payments and card payments made through a total of 20,400 payment terminals.

According to Project Manager Mikko Uljas and the Head of Gaming Systems Pekka Puomio from Veikkaus, it is easy to smile at work even now, six months after the project.

The level of services provided by Poplatek exceeded our expectations. Transferring our transactions to the AWS cloud service has proven to be a very effective overall solution for us.

Mikko Uljas, Project Manager


– Compared to a traditional data center, operating in the cloud is cost-efficient and carefree in regards to maintenance, says Puomio.


Transferring to using new technology was in many ways a significant step for Veikkaus, and required careful preparation. According to Puomio, the AWS transfer involved the most sensitive functions of the gaming company, leaving no room for failure. The company did not want to endanger the smoothness of customer service at any point.


– For us, customers are always the first priority. It is our principle that we provide our customers only the best of service. Therefore it was important that the quality of the services did not suffer during or after the project, Puomio says of the starting points of the AWS transfer.


Excellent cooperation and controlled progress ensured a successful outcome


A successful migration project is the result of careful planning and phasing. The company wanted to ensure in advance that transactions would be transferred flexibly into the cloud, even though the servers are further away than before. An excellent progress plan and careful preparation of the online environments ensured controlled transfers of production. According to Uljas, all changes were implemented in parts that could have been restored had the need arisen.


– Poplatek acted in a very professional and proactive manner throughout the project. Thanks to good cooperation, the project could be divided into various parts in the best possible manner, praises Uljas.


All project phases were planned carefully with the customer. Experts of Veikkaus had a great role also in implementing the migration project, as systems and network connections were transferred in phases into the new service environment. Cooperation with the highly competent experts and management of Veikkaus was excellent and created the best possible conditions for a successful project, says Dan Forsberg who was responsible for Poplatek’s project.


All in all, the phased startup of the AWS cloud service was an operation that took several months to complete. The core functions were transferred to the cloud last. According to Puomio and Uljas, the project progressed systematically despite the long duration. Even the final startup was done on schedule. In fact, the smoothness of the overall project was almost uncanny.


– It was a joy to work with such skilled people. Thanks to Poplatek, the progress was straightforward, predictable, and solution-centered. In connection to larger steps, no major surprises came up, which is very rare in projects of this scale, says Uljas.

Completing the final startup was a great moment, and what is best, it was virtually invisible to our customers. To quote Senior Vice President Timo Kiiskinen, it was amazing that no one called to report problems. We are very pleased with the result.

Pekka Puomio, Head of Gaming Systems 


Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Sales Director

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