Coherent cloud infrastructure

A well-executed cloud infrastructure eases the business operations of Veikkaus

Together with Poplatek, Veikkaus has been transferring the focus of its software platform to cloud assertively since 2017. However, a journey towards the “cloud first” approach started years earlier.

Veikkaus started its first public cloud solutions, typically to the time, with a small amount of generally usable accounts. AWS infrastructure and applications were set up to these accounts in various ways and by different operators. Various development, test, and production environment roles occurred within the same account. It was quickly noted that this first version of cloud infrastructure was not reasonably administered or controlled.


After this, the development of version 2 began. It had three independent and separate accounts and account roles – development, testing, and production. Simultaneously, the infrastructure was improved by coding. Built-in issues in the second version’s structure were also quickly identified. The structure didn’t scale well to support the usage entities of multiple, various, and different users. Furthermore, the applications and infrastructure were too tightly sewed together.


At the same time, the payment transactions of Veikkaus were transferred to a high security AWS cloud service maintained by Poplatek. On this basis, Poplatek was a trustworthy partner to help Veikkaus build the version 3 of the cloud infrastructure and the administration model.


Cloud infrastructure that scales to the needs of multiple teams

The aim of the new cloud infrastructure base was an infrastructure as code structure supporting multiple accounts and various usage. It needed to be scalable, information secure, handle the centralized administration of identities, and offer the networking and selected common infrastructure services for easy integration. Terraform was chosen as a tool.


In the beginning, the new solution provided its services to many different usages and to several logical AWS account bundles, but only towards one public cloud (AWS) and its one region. The choice for the tool was conscious, yet lucky. From the beginning, the aim was to support a broader range of cloud service providers and their locations.


Nowadays, two years later, Veikkaus has a multicloud environment in use. The workloads can be placed either to AWS or Google Cloud platforms and to various locations they offer, based on the needs of the entirety. The creation of accounts and various logical entireties, control of identity, logging, information security, networks, and commonly used services are standardized, quickly created, and adaptable to the needs. There are dozens of accounts, teams, and different entireties, and we have succeeded in supporting the even more accelerating transition to the cloud.

Poplatek is a great small software company, which has tons of quality experience in various fields along with cloud technologies. The fact that Poplatek itself runs its own highly secure PCI certified payment service in AWS shows as quality in everything they do.

Mikko Uljas, ICT Architect, Veikkaus Oy

Good planning guarantees a qualified execution

When asked from Mikko Uljas, the ICT Architect of Veikkaus, what has been the most remarkable lesson along the way, the answer comes straight away: “You have to plan the networking well, and not to place the responsibility of execution to each application team.” The cloud experts of Poplatek could not agree more.


The cloud infrastructure has worked reliably, and the configuration of new services has been mainly effortless. The duplication of the environments is very easy compared to traditional data center environments. Everything simply works well, and all the resources of the public cloud can be taken into use very straightforwardly.


In the case of many AWS or Google Cloud accounts, the execution of the administrative structure is important as the usage grows. The information security related add-ons, provided by cloud services, are easily and comprehensively deployable with one button, as it were.


Terraform as a tool and language has proved to be very adaptable when the created entirety has needed reviews and changes in this constantly changing world. In addition, it has been delightful to see Terraform’s ability to support multiple public cloud service provider and various solutions.


Automation is a solution to the future’s challenges

In the future, Veikkaus is pursuing an increasingly wide use of cloud platforms. With the solution that Poplatek built to Veikkaus, this is solely a positive issue. The infrastructure created with automation does not wear out in use, and the challenges of new teams, accounts, and various utilization targets can continue to be met quickly. We are eager to see what the year 2020 brings to AWS and Google Cloud platforms.


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