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Hilu festival money was received extremely well by VIP guests

Poplatek’s Hilu festival money makes payment at mass events easier by reducing cash losses and making transactions more convenient and reliable. The new payment instrument that was introduced at the Helsinki Festival allowed VIP guests to proceed from the end of the queue to the counter in no time at all.

Hilu festival money money makes payment at events quick and carefree

Long queues and cash losses that are typical of mass events will soon be history thanks to Poplatek’s Hilu festival money. The new prepaid payment instrument, developed on the request of event organizers, can be added e.g. on a bracelet, a key chain, or a separate card. Hilu is compatible with all Poplatek’s payment terminals.


– There is no longer any need to dig out your wallet at the counter. Hilu on your wrist works similar to contactless payment allowing your purchases to be paid quickly at the counter. This saves up to several minutes per transaction. When the volume of transactions is tens of thousands a day, this generates significant added value, says Poplatek’s Managing Director Mikko Virtanen


Payment without cash generates savings

The use of cash is dropping radically. In major events, 60-70 percent of payments is currently made using cards. According to Adcode’s Managing Director Antti Soisalo, payment without cash generates clear savings for event organizers and vendors. The company implements transaction solutions for events.

For vendors, accepting and handling cash is a lot more expensive and risky than card payments. Managing major cash flows requires well-planned security transport services, in addition to which cash losses reduce profits at mass events.

Antti Soisalo, Managing Director
Adcode Oy

According to Soisalo, well-functioning non-cash payment option has been long awaited for by festival organizers, sellers, and goers. Hilu is a hybrid model that fits well with all other payment options. At Helsinki Festival, Hilu was used in VIP guest catering.

Hilu worked extremely well. We were able to use the same payment terminal for all traditional card payments, which made the service easy-to-use and quick.

Maija Ahokas, Concept Manager
Restaurant Pihka

– It is vital for the sales and the service that all payment methods are accepted. As the balance loaded in advance on Hilu reduces, it is easy for the customers to switch to some other method of payment, says Soisalo.


Centralizing VIP benefits on Hilu

Hilu was used as the VIP payment method at the event. Customers found Hilu to be a natural payment method, and provided plenty of new ideas regarding its future use. The currently ongoing development projects include a new catering application that allows the host or hostess of the event to easily load VIP Hilus, and to monitor the use of the benefits. According to Soisalo, Hilu makes the offering and use of VIP benefits at festivals easy for everyone.


– Drink vouchers and other separate vouchers are finally available in an electronic format. As printed vouchers are no longer used, the number of time-consuming tasks after the event is also reduced. Real-time charging also makes it easier than before to monitor and manage the use of benefits.


Make effortless payment the hallmark of your event!

A handy bracelet, a key chain, or a separate card – Poplatek’s Hilu can be customized based on need and the particular event. Hilu works similar to a load prepaid card. Hilu is activated for each specific event, after which it can be used immediately at the points of sale in the area. The appearance of Hilu can be fully customized based on the brand or the event.



 Read more about Hilu and contact us for further information!

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto



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