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Case HSL: Card payment option increased the popularity of mobile ticket

HSL’s popular mobile ticket application was expanded with a new long-awaited payment method. The card payment feature developed by Poplatek allows for the tickets ordered through the application to be paid using a bank or a credit card instead of being charged on the operator’s invoice. Poplatek supports HSL in developing new payment methods and products.

Card payment option increases the demand for mobile tickets

– Payment must be easy, safe, and quick for the customers. The new card payment option especially benefits holders of corporate telephone connections and tourists, to whom the previous payment method, based on operator invoicing, was not suitable, explains the group manager of HSL’s technology solutions Risto Vaattovaara.


– The ease of use of the card payment option was observed, for example by adding a card vault to the application. This allows the user to save his or her card details in the application, making use of the application quicker, explains HSL’s Senior Mobile and Online Sales Expert Satu Rönnqvist.


The card payment feature was developed with Poplatek. According to Rönnqvist, cooperation was successful because Poplatek understands and takes account of customer needs. The views of the payment side of the card payment option was fully tailored to HSL’s needs.


Poplatek’s flexibility and strong insight on payment methods supported the project from start to finish. Poplatek reacts quickly and takes account of matters. They know how to explain even complex matters to the customer using a flap board or similar. This makes it easy to comment on them and to select the best option.

Satu Rönnqvist, Senior Mobile and Online Sales Expert



Poplatek helps develop modern payment methods

According to Vaattovaara, the new feature has been extremely well received. Launching of the card payment option was immediately reflected in a peak in the upload volume of the application. At present, the application has been uploaded 340,000 times


– A total of 10,000 mobile tickets are sold every day. One month after the launch, 20 percent of all tickets are already being purchased using the card payment option, rejoices Vaattovaara.


HSL’s mobile ticket is a highly effective product that is being actively developed further. In addition, several other new products and payment methods are being planned in close cooperation with Poplatek.


– Poplatek’s expertise increases our awareness of payment-related matters, says Rönnqvist.


– Payment matters can be very complicated. It is extremely good that we have a skilled expert at our disposal who knows what to do and what is happening in the sector, says Vaattovaara.



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