Hilu payment wristband speeds up queues at the Kirkastusjuhlat festival

Poplatek’s Hilu festival money complements cash and card payments by making paying simpler and more secure and reducing cash losses. The related Hilu Kukkaro mobile app is the first service in Finland to allow mobile Siirto payments on a payment terminal.

This year, festival-goers at the Aitoon Kirkastusjuhlat event saved time by not having to wait in long lines. Poplatek’s prepaid payment wristband Hilu helped the party people focus their time on the entertainment. Erkki Hyöki, the chairman for the organizing Aitoo voluntary fire brigade, thinks that Hilu event payments were a clear, well-organized service.


The payment wristband was a much-needed alternative to slow and risky cash payments. The new payment method was well received and made the festival experience even better for our customers. Slipping Hilu on your wrist was easy and everything from topping it up to returning the remaining money was smooth and simple.
Erkki Hyöki, Chairman for the Aitoo voluntary fire brigade

Hilu utilizes contactless payment. The transaction is made immediately as Hilu is shown to Poplatek’s card payment terminal. The remaining balance is displayed in the terminal and on the receipt. The Hili Kukkaro mobile app helps you keep up with past transactions and top up your wristband with your card or Siirto payments. If you want to top up with cash, simply visit a Hilu service desk at the event.


Use the Hilu app for real-time Siirto payments


Waiting in line can be a real pain in an event with thousands and thousands of visitors. The Hilu wristband saves precious time as customers can forget about looking for their wallets at the cash register. Not having to handle cash or cards also brings ease of mind.

When it comes to speed, Hilu beats both cash and card payments completed with a PIN code. Together with the Solmio® point-of-sale system, the payment wristband saves time for both the merchant and individual customers. This translates into increased sales and higher bottom lines.
Teemu Mäkelä, CEO
Solmio® POS

Traditional cash is becoming less and less popular in major events. As many as 60-70% of festival-goers already prefer card payments. New, better payment methods to replace cash are clearly needed. At the Aitoon Kirkastusjuhlat festival, many visitors were eager to start using Siirto top-ups with the Hilu Kukkaro app. Siirto is a popular, real-time mobile payment service in which money is instantly transferred from one account to another, even between different banks.

Kirkastusjuhlat was the first event in Finland in which Siirto payments were received on a payment terminal. Siirto is already used by more than 350,000 Finns, with more people adopting the service by the day. We at Poplatek strive to make Siirto available for companies as soon as possible.
Mikko Virtanen, Managing Director
Poplatek Oy



Let your event guests enjoy the best payments in Finland! Learn more about Hilu and ask us about Poplatek’s event payment options.

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Sales Director

Poplatek X Junction

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