Programmers tools

What languages does Poplatekcrew use in coding?

At Poplatek we are coding with the same goal in mind, but what programming languages do we use? We made a short research to investigate the most popular languages used at work and leisure time.

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Aws cloud services

Case Veikkaus: The transactions of the gaming company were transferred smoothly to the cloud

Veikkaus has a good reason to be pleased. The gaming company’s card and online payments were smoothly transferred to an AWS cloud service maintained by Poplatek. Following the migration project, Poplatek will provide to Veikkaus centralized payment transfer services relating to online store payments and card payments made through a total of 20,400 payment terminals.

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New payment methods and products

Case HSL: Card payment option increased the popularity of mobile ticket

HSL’s popular mobile ticket application was expanded with a new long-awaited payment method. The card payment feature developed by Poplatek allows for the tickets ordered through the application to be paid using a bank or a credit card instead of being charged on the operator’s invoice. Poplatek supports HSL in developing new payment methods and products.

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Poplatek becomes AWS partner

Solid expertise in AWS maintenance and cloud-based software development

Poplatek is now an official Amazon Web Services partner. Our CSA-certified experts help your company in a cost-efficient and secure deployment of AWS cloud services as well as advanced cloud-based software development.

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Mobile POS

Europark Finland – mPOS makes the payment of parking fees easier

Turning a tablet into an easy vendor interface – mPOS allow for easier payment of Europark Finland Oy’s parking fees. Card payments have been used at six Europark Finland Oy’s parking facilities since spring 2016. The payments are received using Android tablets. According to Europark Finland, Poplatek’s mPOS mobile applcation provided a handy solution to an acute need.

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Hilu payment wristband speeds up queues at the Kirkastusjuhlat festival

Poplatek’s Hilu festival money complements cash and card payments by making paying simpler and more secure and reducing cash losses. The related Hilu Kukkaro mobile app is the first service in Finland to allow mobile Siirto payments on a payment terminal.

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