Solid expertise for entire cloud service lifecycle

AWS cloud services for demanding systems

We support you every step of the way in your cloud service strategy, from the first financial and technical plans all the way to deployment, production and cloud-based software development.

AWS Kickstart

Poplatek’s AWS Kickstart workshop gives you a comprehensive understanding of the potential of AWS cloud services. You will learn how to save costs while making your business more efficient. This workshop will crystallize your business needs into clear use cases and technical requirements.

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Cloud services consultation and specification

With a proper cloud strategy, you can capitalise on the entire potential of AWS services. Working closely with you, we define the working practices, processes and tools that enable quick cloud services deployment. We also map a clear development strategy for the service architecture and help you boost your cloud utilisation and move more systems to the cloud.


Well-managed migration is essential for functional cloud services. Our experienced AWS team takes your workload smoothly to the cloud. Proper planning, risk analysis and precise timing minimise the need for service breaks. Gradual migration ensures that the transition does not disturb service use and your business.

Cloud operations and monitoring

Reliable, automated real-time monitoring ensures the operational reliability of your cloud services. Our experienced team monitors that your AWS environment runs smoothly and securely around the clock. We keep a constant eye on applications, databases and network connections on your behalf, ensuring both system availability and reaction to any glitches without delay. Security is our top priority – we react to any anomalies immediately in order to keep your environment safe and sound.

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AWS IoT systems

The number of Internet of Things devices in the world is exploding. Thanks to new technological advancements it has become possible to collect sensor data from an ever increasing number of different types of environments. Poplatek will help its customers integrate IoT sensing devices and the data that they collect into their systems and processes. Poplatek’s AWS IoT platform is a productized approach to easy data gathering, analysis and leading with information. Our experience with different IoT sensors and protocols, such as NB-IoT and LoraWAN, will help our customers gain rapid business benefit from the data collected using the systems most important to them.

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