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What languages does Poplatekcrew use in coding in 2018?

At Poplatek we are coding with the same goal in mind, but what programming languages do we use? We made a short research to investigate the most popular languages used at work and leisure time in 2018. If you’re interested to see the results for 2019, check them here.

As an agile company, we are used to having multiple different (and awesome) personalities and programming languages. However, we wanted to dig a little deeper to see what languages are the most used and which are the most popular. It was very exciting to see the results and compare them to Stack Overflow’s questionnaire which was answered by over 100 000 developers.


During our own research, we were able to conclude that there are over ten languages actively used at Poplatek in both work and free time. That’s plenty!


Without further ado, let’s look at the results.



What languages have you used actively at work over the past year?


Work languages 2018


The top runners for the most used languages at work were JavaScript/Node.js, Java, and Python. This probably did not come  as a surprise to anyone, as all of them are very solid and safe choices. In addition, we do have very strong competencies in all of them, hence the choice for these languages is pretty natural. Especially Node.js and Python are handy when writing cloud native softwares to Lambda platform in AWS.



What languages do you use during your free time?


Freetime languages 2018


It was quite intriguing to find out that the answers to this question shifted compared to the first question. JavaScript/Node.js is still holding the first place, but the amount of Java users dropped significantly. In addition, languages such as C#, Perl, and PHP made an appearance on the list.


These answers were in line with a listing made by GitHub as well. According to the listing, JavaScript is the most popular language, and right after comes Python. JavaScript has held the first place for six years now (*a little round of applause*). Python, however, has been determined as the ‘fastest-growing major programming language’, so we can assume that it will keep on increasing its popularity. Java came as third and C# is right behind it.


As the amount of Java users dropped significantly, we wanted to double-check the reason behind it. Unsurprisingly the reason was simple: You pick the right tool for a specific need. At home we enjoy coding other than work related projects, hence the need for the languages is vastly different. Java can’t be described as the most agile language, hence when doing smaller projects, it is easier to use other lighter languages. For example, C or C++ are more commonly used in programs that demand speed and other reason is that not all the operating systems even support Java. When we are on our leisure time, we love to code with exciting new languages, something we do not necessarily get to do at work.



What languages would you like to learn?




We are all in for self development and eagerly encourage our colleagues to learn new things. That is why we wanted to know which languages our crew wants to learn next. As you can see, we had pretty nice list of different languages that are still waiting to be mastered. (Sidenote, French and Latin were also listed as languages that Poplatekcrew wants to learn, but for now, we’ll stick to the programming side.)



Would you like to teach others using some languages, which ones?


It’s neat to learn things on your own, but it’s fun to teach others as well! Some of our coders stated that they would like to teach others using languages like JavaScript, C, C++, Unix Shell, and Clojure. Since our questionnaire was anonymous, we will now begin to ask around to find out who would like to proceed in order to give out an actual workshop, regarding these languages.


To sum up, we use several languages. As others enjoy their pizza with pineapple, our other colleagues will go crazy when they see the previous line, some people prefer Java over Python. At Poplatek we enjoy our freedom, and if possible we give our coders an option to choose how the projects are run. This applies both to languages and tools. This way we keep the work fun, and that definitely shows as high quality in the outcomes.



Would you like to join our Poplatekcrew? Read more here.


Read our updated blog on what programming languages Poplatekcrew uses in 2019.

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