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EU’s GDPR data protection regulation is coming

In 2017 many companies have to work to enhance their information security. This is due to GDPR aka. EU’s general data protection regulation that takes place in May 2018. Poplatek’s cloud service offers a cost-efficient alternative for safe system maintenance.

With GDPR, EU wants to guarantee security for its citizens’ personal information. It affects all companies and organizations that gather and utilize personal information – both in private and public sector and third-parties as well. Before jumping into any information system renewals, it is good to review whether the organization would rather outsource the work.


GDPR is a regulation to which every company must react one way or another. There is no room for security breaches. The maximum penalty for e.g. leaked client information in the internet can reach 20 million, or 4% of the company’s previous accounting year’s global turnover.

EU’s data protection regulation determines how and from whom personal information can be gathered and, above all, how to handle all that information properly. It is a big change as protecting information is not the core business of most companies. Few places have their systems up to date on how to preserve personal information. In practice, keeping one’s information secure requires the company to have a dedicated information security expert that monitors new vulnerabilities and updates the systems regularly to patch any possible threats.


If a company lacks the information security know-how, it is very challenging to keep the systems updated. New threats arise weekly, and security breaches have become more common as there are multiple tools for that on the internet. For example, in so-called “script kiddie” attacks an individual who isn’t even that familiar with the matter can retrieve attack tools online.


The biggest IT investment of the year or smart outsourcing?

Whilst companies get ready for the GDPR regulation they have an opportunity to think about the whole system entity. The preparation does not need to be the company’s biggest or most expensive project. It can be more profitable to focus on the company’s core business and outsource the overall responsibility for maintenance to professionals. At the same time, it is possible to transfer from the traditional data centers to a more cost-effective cloud environment.

Poplatek’s model offers a cost-effective solution to system maintenance and security management, which can quickly generate savings compared to a traditional data center. The operating environment we maintain helps to minimize the risks of information security breaches.

From the information security perspective, the sanction policy of the GDPR places personal information on the same level with monetary transactions and securing payment card information. Audits and sanctions have been in use for a while now in regard to securing payment card data.


Information security has always been the starting point for all of Poplatek’s operations. All our services are PCI DSS certified by the requirements of card providers. Among cloud services, we have launched a solution that is especially focused on information security. Read more about Poplatek Managed PCI Cloud here.



How to transfer smoothly to cloud services? Contact us, and we’ll tell you how to minimize the risk of security breaches. We transferred the card and online payments of Veikkaus to the cloud in three hours – read more from here

Mikko Virtanen

Mikko Virtanen



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