Faster time-to-market with Poplatek Managed PCI Cloud

At the moment, there is a significant need for a safe, scalable, and cost-effective cloud service, as every company needs to match the EU’s information security demands. Poplatek has brought to market a highly secure cloud service, Poplatek Managed PCI Cloud. It is especially suited for companies that have a pressure to get their product to market as fast as possible. The service is fully qualified and matches to the EU’s strict information security standards. It is also PCI DSS audited and certified.

Poplatek Managed PCI Cloud is a safe hosting service for operating and monitoring workloads that require PCI DSS compliant processes and a high level of security.  It runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.


The service has been through a PCI compliance audit, and the PCI certification makes it a safe choice for companies to adopt. All of the information security demands set by the EU have been carefully considered and fulfilled. A scalable cloud service is flexible for the tough requirements of start-ups, retail chains, operators in the financial industry, as well as large corporations.

A company’s sensitive data, critical systems, and important services can be transferred safely to a cloud service environment through the Managed PCI Cloud service, in which the information is secured from data security threats and security breaches. The competitive advantages of cloud services are speed, cost-effectiveness, and easily scalable process to various industries.

Quickly tailored to the needs of customers

The deployment of the service is done quickly. At first, needs and savings are mapped with the customer, free of charge. By transferring from a traditional data center to a cloud service, the company can gain major savings. Hence, instead of counting the cost of the service, we calculate the savings and TCO of the solution.


Based on the mapping, a migration plan is created. The information systems of the customer are then packed into containers either by Poplatek or the customer. The service maintenance and on call duties are conducted by Poplatek.


After the initial mapping, the service can be started in approximately 1-6 months. Instead of traditional and manual actions, the environment is automated to a large extent. It accelerates the deployment and makes operations more effective. The monthly fees vary according to how extensive the system is.


Companies’ data raises interest

The EU’s new information security regulation means companies need to invest more in information security. The administrative sanctions of neglecting this regulation vary depending on the level and severity of neglection.


Companies are filled with data that raises interest, and many unlawful are willing to pay for that data. This has been the case for quite a while now. Data is the capital of companies, and there are always parties who want an illegal share of it. The harshest situation would be a security leak that compromises the company’s customer data and detailed personal data. The damage of a security leak may lead to a damaged reputation and sanctions. They may become a barrier that the company is unable to overcome and may not be able to continue its operations.


The new information security regulation is a good thing. It seems that the identity thefts are here to stay, and this is the only way to protect users against them. The matter is important, and it touches every one of us. All you need to do is to take a peek inside to your wallet and count how many regular customer cards you have. The data they contain is stored somewhere, and can be taken for criminal purposes, if not protected the right way.



Read more about Poplatek Managed PCI Cloud and ask for a free savings mapping. Fill in your details below, and we will get back to you! 

Mikko Virtanen

Mikko Virtanen

Managing Director

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