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Poplatek is attending Junction 2018! It’s Europe’s biggest hackathon and a global community of hackers. The event will gather over 1300 developers, designers and techies under one roof for an awesome weekend of creating. 

For those who don’t know us yet…


Poplatek knows software development, digital payments and the cloud. We’re 28 brilliant minds constantly innovating and helping our clients make the world a better place. Besides telling bad jokes and writing excellent software as consultants, we develop our own services like the Hilu festival money.


You might use our services every day without even knowing it. Recently we developed the card payments feature for HSL’s mobile ticket application. We implemented Finland’s first NFC payments for RAY’s (nowadays Veikkaus’) slot machines and also develop and operate Veikkaus’ card and online payments system in AWS cloud. In addition to digitalization of payments, we have our hands dirty in projects related to the Industrial Internet and retail commerce. Read more about our cases here.


Poplatek’s challenge for Junction 2018


The payment solutions for brick-and-mortar retail need to transform to support new ways of frictionless customer interaction. Today the customer actively participates in the payment process, which causes all kinds of usability challenges. It’s not very handy to have to lay down your grocery bags to pay for parking, or reach out for your card or mobile phone to pay with an obscure user interface when in a hurry.


As a payment solution expert Poplatek is interested in the requirements for tomorrow’s payments and points-of-sale. If an automated hot dog stand detects customers by their voice (“One curry dog, please!”), how would it integrate with the payment system? There’s no physical payment device involved, but the merchant needs to charge the customer, and the customer still needs to be aware of the payment. Security cannot be left out of the equation either.


So are we going to ask Junction teams to design the integration of a hot dog stand and a future payment system? Not quite.


We are asking your team to bend your minds and peek into the future of frictionless urban payments. Brainstorm, design and prototype a futuristic urban point-of-sale (like the automated voice controlled hot dog stand). Make it accept payments as frictionlessly as possible. And most importantly, let your imagination run wild! 🙂

The prototyping platform


The future is full of tech, so we’ll bring enough junk to prototype your brainchild. The most important item is the Raspberry Pi 3 accompanied by useful sensors and actuators, like a webcam for image recognition and servos for building an imaginary door. To help you concentrate on the business logic, we’ll provide working Python examples to connect with the peripherals on the Raspberry Pi, as well as nerdy coaches who wrote the example code. All the gadgets can be easily connected to the Pi with USB or other connectors.


Since the teams should be able to focus on the point-of-sale, we’ll borrow the backend, web interface and mobile application of our very own Hilu pre-paid account system fueling the Hilu festival money. Normally the backend serves our Hilu prepaid NFC-bracelets, but you can use it with your choice of futuristic identification. It’s ok, however, to roll your own payment backend if it’s required for a perfect solution.

Optionally the teams can use Amazon Web Services. You’ll get credentials for a private account which is free to use for anything you need in the challenge. Connecting from the Raspberry Pi is fairly easy with Amazon’s SDK, and we’ll also provide example code and help with that. Like with Hilu backend, using AWS is not mandatory. But if you plan on using AI for image or voice recognition, AWS offers some nice tools like Rekognition and Lex which make it a breeze.


Poplatek Junction


See you at Junction 2018! 

Our official challenge description can be found here

Jaakko Sipari

Jaakko Sipari

Software architect


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Poplatek X Junction

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