Finding the balance

How to find a balance between work and free time?

Work and free time. That’s one tricky combination. For some, they go hand in hand, for others they’re not even in the same book. But how should it be? Is there one specific answer to the question? 

“Worklife takes over life” , writes Joonas Pesonen in his column at Yle (2018). Pesonen states many good points on how the work life comes along to free time as well. The phones buzz constantly without any breaks, and naturally, you need to react to them immediately – because the internet never sleeps.


When discussing about well-being at work, it is important to notify that the responsibility lies on both the employee and employer. Well-being at work needs to support the life control of the employees and the whole work community, so that the work is felt as enjoyable and rewarding (Pahkin 2018).


Nowadays, it is often highlighted that work should be pleasant and working should feel like you are doing a pleasant project during your own free time. For some, work feels just like it, for others this scenario can be just a dream, and some don’t even see it as relevant. Along the years, Poplatek has put a lot of effort in well-being, because since its foundation, the goal has been to build a company where no one feels bad coming in the mornings.


We are not saying that work is always nicer than free time. Going to movies, hanging out with friends or family, travelling, sports, video games, and everything you love doing beats e.g.writing reports or being stuck with a nasty coding problem, without a doubt.

However, it is also extremely important to enjoy one’s work – in everyone’s own way. You don’t always have to write the report with a frown on your face. Instead, you can perhaps take your work station outside and feel inspired and energetic by nature. As to a coding problem, you can ask help from your competent colleagues, and together find an answer to solve the puzzle.


Whilst sinking into work, one rarely wonders the important questions of life, which Pesonen raises up in his column: “What are you dreaming of? Do you spend enough time with your friends and family? When was the last time you had time for your hobbies or volunteer work? When do we have time and energy to really invest in these important and meaningful things?” (2018). We also see these questions as important, and they should be balanced regularly.


At Poplatek, everyone can modify their own balance between work and free time. After work, you can truly leave it all to your desk, and on your free time focus on projects that interest only you. On the other hand, for others, it suits to have work and free time projects mixed. So, each for their own style, really.


Create your own balance.




Pahkin, K. (2018). Työhyvinvointi. Työterveyslaitos, 19.6.2018.  Available online.

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