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In-app payment essentials: 3 facts you must know

What are in-app payments? What is the purpose of them? How do they work? Read this post and learn the essentials you must know in today’s business.

In-app payments stand for payments that are done in various apps on mobile. At Poplatek, good real life examples are the card payment system developed for the HSL app and money transfers of Veikkaus’ app. Other similar solutions are the procurements of movie tickets, gas, taxi trips and postage.


Through the payment system, the customer registers their choice of a payment method and is then able to make frictionless purchases inside the app, with just a few clicks.


In-app payments are meant to ease the customers’ payment experience. They can easily make singular purchases without having to insert their card information again every time, as they have once saved them to the payments service via the app.


Furthermore, in-app payments give customers a chance to buy products or extra content to the app. This way, the provider of the app gets extra revenue besides from the selling of the app.


If the payments are not easy and quick, the customer might view the whole app clumsy and useless. Adding payment possibilities to mobile apps brings clear added value to the customer.


So, what should everyone pay attention to regarding in-app payments? One should be careful with all apps and especially with payments. An absolute requirement for the handling and preservation of card information is the PCI DSS certified environment of the payment provider.


The English term in-app purchases is often considered to mean in-app payments that go through Google Play or App Store. The background here is that the developer can keep the actual app free of charge and get revenue from selling extra content, such as the currency used in games or the possibility to delete ads.


The owners of the apps should consider whether their case requires the above mentioned in-app purchases or should they implement a payment system of their own, where the app store could be bypassed. This way, the providers could get more revenue to themselves as they don’t have to pay to the app store.


Summary | 3 key points of in-app payments


WHAT: In-app payment is a payment carried out in a mobile app.
WHY: In-app payments make customers’ buying process smoother.
OWN PAYMENTS SYSTEM: Choose this option if you want to bypass the app store and get more revenue to yourself.


Poplatek’s Sami, who has worked with HSL payments system, was interviewed for this article.


Do you have an app in mind that would require a smooth payment experience? Whether your idea is still on an idea level or much further, contact our sales director Jukka (+358 50 328 0046 |, and let’s create a solution together that suits your needs.


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