Developers' dream company

If coding is your thing, join us!

Enjoying your work and being able to rely on your colleagues are the cornerstones of working at Poplatek. We make key decisions together, based on open dialogue. Everyone has the opportunity to develop the company. You get plenty of responsibility but also ample opportunities to shape your role and the freedom to select projects that tickle your interest.


Our employees say that grass is greener on this side of the fence


“By far the best opportunities to truly influence your own work.”
– Timo, coding professional since 2008

Good work atmosphere

Working at Poplatek feels great as we have a culture of supporting and trusting each other. We value time spent together in sauna evenings, sports and other activities, both at the office and elsewhere.

Your wellbeing counts

Staying healthy is something we really care about. We take active steps to promote our employees' wellbeing both on and off-duty.

Colleagues you can learn from

Our employees represent the best talent in the business. For you, this means unlimited opportunities to learn from your colleagues. You also get to choose the projects that you find interesting and that provide you with suitable challenge.

Your opinions really count

We do not care for workplace politics and management hierarchies. We want to hear your opinions and ideas. Making changes for the better is swift, easy and highly welcome.

Flexibility and versatility

Working hours, methods and equipment are all based on individual needs. At Poplatek, you have the freedom to participate in projects that you find interesting and motivating.

Sights set in the future

We are a forward-thinking company: we want to lead the change in the world and continuously improve our business. We believe in what we do - and looking at our bottom line, our clients believe in us, too.