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3-D Secure is a technology that enables card issuers to verify the identity of cardholders in online card payments. It also fulfils the requirements set by the PSD2 directive, which came into effect on September 14th 2019, and states that all online purchases with a value over 30 euros need to be strongly authenticated.


3-D Secure 2 is a new standard which replaces the original 3-D Secure, originally released in 2001. It updates the original standard in several significant ways:


  • Enhanced security — new, stronger customer authentication methods, such as biometric or token-based authentication, are supported.
  • New channels — in addition to browsers, the new standard supports in-app authentication, as well as authentication on devices such as smart televisions.
  • Better risk profiling — the issuer receives more data about the cardholder’s device and purchase history, allowing for better detection of anomalous and potentially fraudulent purchases.


Poplatek is bringing to market a 3-D Secure 2 -compatible 3-D Secure Server, offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This model allows merchants, PSPs, and acquirers to implement strong customer authentication with minimal effort and competitive cost.

3-D Secure components

Poplatek’s long history with payments provides us with the expertise needed to design secure payment systems that don’t interfere with the customer experience. We can provide you with an excellent solution that guarantees frictionless and secure payments to your customers.


Price: 2500€/month

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