Boat trip to Vuosaari

Poplatek Paytrip – Discussing the future of payments on a boat

On Tuesday, a group of 16 payment business professionals left their dusty offices and moved outside to enjoy the sunny summer day in Vuosaari.

We started the day from the market square at 1pm. We jumped on a boat where we were served with some refreshing drinks and delicious snacks. After a brief introduction round the boat started its journey to our destination giving us 75 minutes to chat casually while admiring the Finnish nature. We were also introduced to the actual theme of the day as Pekka Honkanen opened the discussion about payment processing and the future of payments.


Boat ride | Sea view


After the cruise we took a bus to Villa Vuosanta, an idyllic meeting and celebration mansion by the Baltic Sea. During the day we heard many interesting presentations. After Pekka’s great introduction to the topic, we got to follow an intriguing presentation by Mastercard where the concept of smart cities and the new possibilities enabled by technology were discussed. Especially the customer perspective on how payments should be practical, easy and quick was highlighted.


Next, an advocate of EBA Clearing opened up comprehensively the big picture of payments in the whole Europe and explained how important cooperation among different influencers is. Lastly, we were pleased to hear VISA’s advocate’s most recent thoughts about the current state of payments and possible future trajectories.


Dinner menu


All in all the day was really successful. We got to know a bit better the professionals of the field, learned a lot new things and got inspired about the future view of payments. Surely also our customers discovered new perspectives and the network of actors in the field of payments tightened. A term, familiar both from school and working life, “coopetition” was highlighted in our conversations – even though the firms in the same industry inevitably compete with each other, cooperation and the search for suitable partners is important and can benefit all parties.


The day ended at 6pm when the bus took our group back to the market square. Every participant got a Poplatek survival bag as a memory.


Without further ado we want to thank all participants and wish our readers a sunny weekend!


Villa Vuosanta

Hanna ja Heini

Hanna Halonen

Marketing coordinator

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