Poplatek sponsors sixth-graders in robot programming championships

Takeaways include unforgettable memories and prize for best programming

The FIRST LEGO League competition challenges participants to design, build and program an autonomous robot that performs tasks on a large game board.

A team composed of students from the Finnish Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu (SYK) school recently took part in the Finnish Championships for robot building, sponsored by Poplatek. Organised in the City of Pori on March 15-16, the event is part of the international FIRST LEGO League (FLL), a robot competition for young people between 9 and 16 years of age. The league attracts more than 250,000 participants annually and was now organized in Finland for the second time.


Clear, logical programming

Team 6d Robot, comprising of six team members and their coach, experienced a fair amount of competition and learning something new. In the robot competition, the robots built and programmed by the youngsters moved around and solved tasks and obstacles on a large game board. In addition to the robot challenge, FLL always includes a science competition. This year, the theme of the competition was the circulation of water used by humans.

Learning programming and robotics was very interesting and we managed to achieve great things by working together.
Janne Pantsar, team coach and teacher

The 6d Robot team went on to win the Programming Award prize, awarded for best clear and logical programming. Lilja, one of the team members, felt that the challenge gave lots of motivation for programming next year’s robot.

Jury presentation and our success in programming were the greatest highlights for me personally.

Lilja, team member

FLL is not all competition, as it also gives room for simply having fun, listening to good music and dancing. During the event, the students got to know and spend time with students from many other schools.


We loved everything, see you next year

So, what did you love the most about attending the competition?


– Well, that’s a difficult question. We have to say that we loved absolutely everything about the experience, coach Pantsar sums up the team’s thoughts.


Already on their way back home, the 6d Robot team all agreed that they want to participate next year, too. The theme for 2019 has already been announced, so the team can start their preparations right away. Next year, the theme will be Space.

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto

Jukka Nokso-Koivisto


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