Poplatek started a yearly emission of shares – Half of the employees became owners of the company

Poplatek has always been 100 percent owned by its employees. The company organized its first emission of shares in the summer of 2018, strengthening the vision of the company being owned by its current employees. Now every employee can own a small part of Poplatek and grow their share each year.

A democratic way of working is an important part of Poplatek’s company culture and values. The emission of shares further reinforced the feeling of everyone working towards a common success.


The buying of shares is both a good investment and a motivator in the daily work.

From the start, there has been a strong culture of working together at Poplatek. Both strategy and operative activities have been developed with the whole staff, so it was only natural to take the participation as far as possible in a joint-stock company.Tommi Heikkinen, Poplatek’s founding member

In practise, besides working for the company, a shareholder also works for him/herself and can impact the value of the investment through his/her contribution. Having worked eight years in the company, Jaakko states that it’s much nicer to take part in developing the company and making profits, when you feel that you’re doing it for yourself.


At Poplatek we constantly develop our actions to be an intriguing workplace for professionals. The share of emissions was a part of this development process. Furthermore, the purpose is to strengthen the feeling of doing things together and committing to common goals and developing the company.


What is the emission of shares all about?

  • The first emission of shares was organized in the summer of 2018.
  • Every employee had the possibility to subscribe for 150-5000 shares.
  • The employee who subscribes for shares becomes a minority shareholder.
  • In practice, Poplatek’s employee can own part of the company s/he works at.
  • The emission of shares happens yearly, so each owner can grow their share gradually.


Would you like to own a part of Poplatek and work for yourself? Check out our open positions and join our humoristic crew!

Mikko Virtanen

Mikko Virtanen


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