Poplatekcrew conquered Warsaw

Glock pistols, history, famous sights, and world class beers – all of these were part of Poplatek’s pre-Christmas trip to Warsaw at the turn of January and February. Next, we’ll tell you how the destination was chosen and what kind of activities Poplatekcrew had ahead of them.

This year’s destination was Poland’s jewel, Warsaw. Altogether 20 crew members enjoyed a weekend together. During the previous years, Poplatekcrew has visited among others Tallinn, St. Petersburg, and Tampere.


As usual, the planning began in December and the organizing team was open to anyone interested. The team was given carte blanche, so the destination and content of the trip were all up for them to choose.

Pre-Christmas trips are Poplatek’s tradition. Every year we come up with something new, and there is always a new team planning the trip. This time we ended up in Warsaw, which represented an untouched ground for many of us.


Cybersecurity forces in action

The weekend was full of action and great atmosphere. The conquest of Warsaw was kicked off at a local shooting club, where heavily armed Poplatekcrew got a chance to enjoy the excitement of gunpowder. After this adventurous baptism of fire, it was time to focus on improving the world over Polish cuisine and local beers.


One of the highlights of the trip was a city tour on Saturday, where the main attractions were conquered by following varying tasks. The dinner was enjoyed accompanied with a musical theater performance.


The trip was full of moments that we’ll remember for a long time. The best part was to spend time in a good company. Also, it’s fun to notice totally new dimensions of the colleagues you think you know. This pre-Christmas party was a pleasant one altogether.


These pre-Christmas parties are a tradition at Poplatek. They create a unique team spirit, and we’re planning to cherish them also in the future. After a good trip, the everyday life at home also feels quite pleasant – at least until the next trip!


The best part of pre-Christmas trips is the element of surprise. Therefore, we luckily don’t yet know where the next year will take us!


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