Poplatek’s dads: Flexible work makes family life easier

Poplatek’s dads describe how the combination of fatherhood and work is managed in practice. At Poplatek, it’s possible to bring your children to work, and have flexible working hours that enable to attend various hobbies. Also, we don’t let work bother our everyday heroes during their paternity leave.

It can be challenging to combine fatherhood and work. Doctor’s visits, preparing for childbirth, labour, taking care of the baby, taking children to their hobbies, common family life, spending time with the spouse, and free time… There are a lot of things a dad needs to be a part of. So how to fit all of these to a calendar where there should be time for work and compulsory meetings?


Vincit talked about this topic earlier in their blog. We’d also like to discuss it, as it’s a very important part of Poplatek’s company culture. There are altogether 13 dads at Poplatek, and now it’s time to hear what they have to say. We asked questions about combining fatherhood and work, and this is what Sami, Henrik, Jukka, Jaakko and Lasse had to say:


You can bring your child to work

We often have had dads’ little helpers here at the office delighting our work environment. Among others, Sami’s girls Pihla and Kaarna have visited us – either for practical reasons or just for fun. Sami mentions that his children are very interested to know what their parents do for a living. However, they can’t be left alone without some activities. Poplatek’s main attractions have been a candy store, a soft drink vending machine, and VR games. There’s also room for artistic drawings on the whiteboards.


Pihla’s drawings on the office’s whiteboard


Flexible work hours help in finding balance

Lasse believes that flexible work hours have helped in combining work and family life. For example, it’s possible for him to take his boys to their hobbies as he can leave work earlier if necessary. He highlights that every family is different, and the reason why things run smoothly at Poplatek is that everyone is given abundant flexibility to organize their own work.


Sami also comments that working at Poplatek has been flexible: “For example, I’ve been working from home many times, if my child has been sick or I’ve otherwise needed care. Depending on the situation.” When his children were younger, Sami needed flexibility, especially during mornings and afternoons. Jaakko agrees that the possibility for remote work is important with children. He points out that Poplatek gives as much flexibility as needed.


According to Jukka, combining work and family is primarily related to the presence. When you’re working remotely, how can you be fully present with your children? Jukka has also felt that flexibility is a valuable and well-functioning way of working at Poplatek.

For example, sometimes I have to visit my child’s school or a nurse. Here it’s always possible.Jukka Nokso-Koivisto, Sales Manager,

Poplatek Oy

Fatherhood is truly valued

Fatherhood, and parenthood overall, is valuable, and that valuation should also be shown at the workplace. Thus, we asked for a truthful evaluation about Poplatek’s situation – Does the valuation show, and is there room for improvement?


Everyone agreed that fatherhood is valued at Poplatek. In practice, it shows as helping in possible challenges, children are allowed at the workplace, and during parental leaves, the work has been clearly kept on the side. Henrik, the father of a child less than a month old, tells that he hasn’t been worried at all that Poplatek wouldn’t give him flexibility to arrange his working hours or remote work when needed.


Just the other day, one of our dads on paternity leave said he could come to a meeting if needed, but was right away told to forget about work duties and focus on being present at home. Work matters will be handled on his behalf.


Over and out – The dads have spoken.

Clearly, one of the key things in combining work and fatherhood is flexibility. Two important things enabling the flexibility are good communication between employees and clever project management. We want to take good care of this as the wellbeing of employees is one of Poplatek’s values. This way we have managed to create a company, which ensures that our employees also succeed at home, in their most important job.


Based on the conversations we had for this blog, we also got a lot of good suggestions for improvement. Our list now contains shopping for a fatherhood package, an activity box for kids, and a bouncing castle. Moreover, a family day was hoped for, and the planning for next fall has already begun.


With that said, we look forward to seeing more new, little members in our Poplatekcrew.


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