ROME – Artichoke, nightly gelatos, and orange ponchos

This year, Poplatek’s annual Christmas celebration took us to Rome! “The Wild West of parking”, “Eternal City”, “Best wine” – were phrases among others used to describe our destination. Read our trip’s highlights from below, told by our travellers and flavoured with pictures.

Nuuksio, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Tampere, Warsaw, and Berlin. Poplatekcrew’s pre-Christmas parties have varied a lot throughout the years. However, the direction has clearly been south, hence Rome was an easy choice for the year 2019. Poplatek’s Christmas committee explain their choice with the city’s variety for activities. Everyone is able to choose activities best suited for them, such as wandering around the city, visiting different cafés and various sights, and taking part in night activities.

Instead of telling stories, we decided to show you the highlights of our trip with pictures, without any precise explanations:


“The true surpriser of the trip was artichoke! In salad, grilled, fritted…YUM!”


“Dinners gathered the whole crew together. The Italian style to eat two main courses bedazzled us, and as a result, made us roll out of the restaurants.”


“Orange ponchos stood out of the crowd clearly and far away, which made it easy for us to spot each other, and also made us all look very stylish.”


“During our trip, we walked across different sights and restaurants. Some of us walked almost 20 kilometres per day. Luckily, there was enough pasta and pizza available, so the hunger did not sneak up on anyone.”


“Part of the crew visited a burlesque show. One of the members of Poplatekcrew even made it to the stage.”


“One of the highlights was conquering the carousel.”


“Our flight to Finland was delayed, but the hours of darkness were turned into gladness with “playful” card games on the airport’s floor.”

5 tips to Rome: 

  • Buy tickets to Vatican beforehand from the museum’s official pages (You can pass the ridiculously long line). If you are interested in history, you can buy a ticket that includes the Audio guide. With it, you can go around in your pace and listen to the details that interest you. 
  • Taste ice-cream. For example, there are many little kiosks near Pantheon, from which you can take an ice-cream to go and walk e.g. to Fontana di Trevi.
  • If there are some rainy days during your trip, don’t let it affect the atmosphere. If you can’t change the weather, why bother to stress about it? Do what our Poplatekcrew did, and prepare according to the weather. 
  • Choose a hotel from a centric location, and explore your surroundings boldly. We felt that the best way to get around was by foot. Also the official white taxis worked well, when in a hurry. Our hotel, Hotel Ponte Sisto, was located in an excellent place. On the other side of the river, in Trastevere area, there were a lot of good and atmospheric restaurants. If we walked to the other direction from our hotel, we ended up seeing all the main attractions rather quickly.
  • However, if you decide to buy the public transportation tickets, notice that Roma Pass, for example, includes two (2) free entrances to main attractions. We recommend Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo. There are amazing views over the city on the castle’s rooftop. However, avoid the first Sunday of the month, because there will be way too many people in line, as the free entrance to various sights attracts people.

This was our sum up from our trip to Rome. Now the question is, where to next year?

See also our last year’s highlights from Berlin!


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