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Our software development services range from initial ideas and innovations all the way to implementing demanding technological solutions. We help you build on your vision, give you actionable feedback and put you on a track to cost-efficient results.

Concept design

Software development is intended to support our customer’s strategy and business goals. To achieve this, we together define the development project goals and use cases. We anticipate potential bottlenecks and select the optimal technologies for your needs. We then narrow down the use cases and use prototypes to test different user interfaces throughout the project.

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Planning and implementation

Agile software development ensures successful results. We utilise an iterative project model that enables quick and cost-efficient reactions to any changes during the project. Modern software architecture, up-to-date technologies and automated testing ensure solutions that stand the test of time and are easy to develop further.

Testing and continuous integration

In software development, reliability and security go hand in hand. Extensive testing ensures the high quality and operational reliability of our solutions in business-critical environments. We also put major focus on testing the security of our software. Our testing process is automated to a high degree in order to ensure high quality and error-free outputs.

Rollout and migration

Switching to a new service should be seamless for your customers and staff alike. Our experienced team ensures that the service deployment is smooth, maintenance easy and end user training sufficient. A well-planned, phase-by-phase deployment process makes sure that the transition does not disturb service use and your business.

Development and Operations

Our DevOps model ensures cost efficiency and agility for cloud services. In a DevOps model, software development and system maintenance are provided by the same operator. Our model improves the reliability of the service, lowers overall costs and enables the use of automation during the different development process phases. Thanks to our way of working, further development is faster, updates are readily available and new features can be added as often as every day, if needed.

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