Poplatek’s x-mas party blew newcomers away

Spray cans, beverages, and laser war in a bunker

The walls of an old industrial hall are covered with artful graffiti, each piece more colourful and detailed than the next. Dozens of spray cans make a whizzing sound on a slow Friday evening as street artists guide painters to use painting stencils. The group, 25 strong, painting away in the hall is Poplatekcrew and the hall is located in East Berlin.


The occasion was the annual joint pre-Christmas trip by Poplatek and Poplatek Payments. This year, the group included newcomers Timo Yrjölä and Eeva Pohjantammi.

Well, my timing to join the company was flawless really. The whole thing was so well planned! The programme suited both experienced Berlin visitors and first-timers.

Timo Yrjölä,

Software Consultant,
Poplatek Oy

For Timo, who joined Poplatek as a consultant just a few months ago, this weekend visit to Berlin was the first work-related trip during his 10-year career that focuses solely on having fun and building the team spirit. Poplatek had planned the trip so that afternoons were free for getting to know Berlin and evenings were reserved for the team, over good food and drinks.


– The whole thing was so well planned! The programme suited both experienced Berlin visitors and first-timers, says Timo.


Building the team spirit

Trip highlights included joint evening get-togethers and a laser war on the last evening. The laser battle was organized in an old bunker dating back to the World Wars. From the perspective of a new employee, getting to know the entire team during a laid-back holiday was a great opportunity, Eeva, a software development student and a Poplatek Payments team member since June, comments.

The whole team gave 100% in the joint program as well as in the laser battle.

Eeva Pohjantammi,

Software Developer Trainee,
Poplatek Payments Oy

Eeva continues her studies while working at Poplatek Payments. She originally started working for the company as a summer worker but continued on as her skills impressed everyone. Now she is fast becoming a true professional and the joint trip to Berlin was a valuable experience.


– This was my first time in Berlin and the city overwhelmed me with its diversity. Many others had been in Berlin before so we were lucky to have expert guides from our own team, Eeva comments.


The newcomers highlight that the trip had many positive outcomes, such as priceless memories and a team that now pulls together even better than before.

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