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Cloud Services

AWS Certified

Poplatekcrew achieved 10 new AWS certificates in a year – Are you up for the challenge?

One of Poplatek’s values is development, both as an organisation and as individuals. A key ingredient to achieve this is education. This year Poplatekcrew achieved 10 AWS certificates, and we are aiming to achieve at least 20 more by the end of 2019. And now we challenge you!

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Aws cloud services

Case Veikkaus: The transactions of the gaming company were transferred smoothly to the cloud

Veikkaus has a good reason to be pleased. The gaming company’s card and online payments were smoothly transferred to an AWS cloud service maintained by Poplatek. Following the migration project, Poplatek will provide to Veikkaus centralized payment transfer services relating to online store payments and card payments made through a total of 20,400 payment terminals.

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Poplatek becomes AWS partner

Solid expertise in AWS maintenance and cloud-based software development

Poplatek is now an official Amazon Web Services partner. Our CSA-certified experts help your company in a cost-efficient and secure deployment of AWS cloud services as well as advanced cloud-based software development.

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How To Ace Your

Cloud Migration

A fast-growing number of companies are migrating applications to the cloud for a variety of reasons — such as improving agility, availability, and security. Also expenses, but that comes mostly from a variety of secondary factors — like outsourcing the compliance burden.

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Welcome to Amazon

Five minute website hosting with Amazon S3 and CloudFront

It’s trivial and fast to combine two Amazon services to get industry grade web hosting. And once it’s up, it just works. No servers to maintain.

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