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Junction 2018 wrap up

Top 3 highlights of Junction 2018 from the company’s viewpoint

Poplatek participated to Europe’s biggest hackathon, Junction 2018, with a challenge of making future payments as frictionless as possible. We were blown away with the solutions of the participants.

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Poplatek X Junction

Frictionless payments of the future

Poplatek is attending Junction 2018! It’s Europe’s biggest hackathon and a global community of hackers. The event will gather over 1300 developers, designers and techies under one roof for an awesome weekend of creating. 

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Boat trip to Vuosaari

Poplatek Paytrip

On Tuesday, a group of 16 payment business professionals left their dusty offices and moved outside to enjoy the sunny summer day in Vuosaari.

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Poplatek’s x-mas party blew newcomers away

Spray cans, beverages and laser war in a bunker

The walls of an old industrial hall are covered with artful graffiti, each piece more colourful and detailed than the next. Dozens of spray cans make a whizzing sound on a slow Friday evening as street artists guide painters to use painting stencils. The group, 25 strong, painting away in the hall is Poplatek’s team and the hall is located in East Berlin.

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Prepaid event payments

Hilu festival money was received extremely well by VIP guests

Poplatek’s Hilu festival money makes payment at mass events easier by reducing cash losses and making transactions more convenient and reliable. The new payment instrument that was introduced at the Helsinki Festival allowed VIP guests to proceed from the end of the queue to the counter in no time at all.

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