What languages does Poplatekcrew use in coding in 2019?

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Software development in the world of games

Modernizing the sales of Veikkaus

We celebrate our 30th employee – Our newest worker explains why switching jobs is a good thing

Data science

How does knowing astronomy give an advantage in software development?

Frontend developer

We reveal Poplatek’s special qualities


ROME – Artichoke, nightly gelatos, and orange ponchos

Poplatek Sanakirja

15 terms to help you understand programming slang

Junction technology

What does the future of payments look like based on Junction projects?

Poplatekcrew AWS

Poplatekcrew achieved 10 new AWS certificates in a year – Are you up for the challenge?


Poplatek started a yearly emission of shares – Half of the employees became owners of the company

Video highlights from Junction


Frictionless payments of the future

What languages does Poplatekcrew use in coding in 2018?

Working on the HSL project

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