Junction 2018 wrap up

Top 3 highlights of Junction 2018 from the company’s viewpoint

Poplatek participated to Europe’s biggest hackathon, Junction 2018, with a challenge of making future payments as frictionless as possible. We were blown away with the solutions of the participants.

Junction 2018 was all about new innovative ideas, motivated future talents, and  great overall buzz. 13 teams chose our challenge, and they came up with very different solutions – something we hadn’t even thought of, which was exactly what we were hoping for!


Paying with the movement of your foot, making the restaurant experience more smooth with friends, simpler payment methods in public transport, using face scanning and fingerprints…and so much more!


Poplatek candybar


Based on our own experience from the weekend, we created Poplatekcrew’s TOP 3 list of Junction 2018:


1) ATMOSPHERE: It’s probably boring to even list this, but Junction truly is a tech lover’s place to be. It’s like watching kids in a candy store. Tech all around, everyone focusing on their projects, coding, designing, building, networking…


2) OTHER COMPANIES: We had expected the participants to come talk to us, but we were positively surprised of how many of the other companies also connected with us. It was great to notice that so many people were interested in getting to know more about Poplatek and what we do.


Many discovered that they had actually used our services without even acknowledging it (e.g. HSL mobile app). Yes, we are (still) quite small, but we have done big things.


3) SOLUTIONS: The projects – for our challenge and others as well – amazed us. People can do miracles in just 48 hours with the right skills, motivation and some (perhaps a bit too much) caffeine.


Lastly, we want to thank everyone who came to visit our stand and talked with us. Hopefully, we’ll meet again in the frictionless future.


Participants working

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Poplatek x Junction


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