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We celebrate our 30th employee – Our newest worker explains why switching jobs is a good thing

On the first of April 2019, we were honoured to celebrate our 30th employee as Arto joined our Poplatekcrew. Despite the date, it was not an April fool’s joke. As usual, we want to present our new, excellent worker and give the stage to Arto!

Hello readers!


I graduated from Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences in 2009 and ever since I have been working in various companies and projects.  I have always been very keen on creating new things, both in coding and also in music.


Workwise, my projects have included a lot of both frontend and backend tasks, and during the past few years, I have developed mobile and web applications. When it comes to hobbies, I work around MIDI performer and shader package for Unity 3D engine.


And how did I end up at Poplatek? One day my phone rang, and the caller asked if I was intrigued to learn more about the career possibilities at Poplatek. After a while I decided to go to an interview and see where that leads to.

I found it fascinating that at Poplatek I have a possibility to truly develop myself and learn something new. I believe that here I have a possibility to grow and also offer my expertise to various projects.

So here I am! Work has started to flow, and Poplatekcrew seems very talented and efficient. People here enjoy to do things together, and the feeling of togetherness is indeed very strong.


My first project here at Poplatek involves payment terminal development, Lane3000 device’s engineering to be exact. At the moment I’m fixing some broken screens which don’t function as they should.


The marketing team asked me to state a nice tip for the rest of the spring and for the summer. Without further ado, here you go:

Remember to rejoice on the small things in life.


Poplatek’s expertise among software development and cloud services grows continuously. Contact us, or let us contact you, if you need experienced consultants to challenging projects!

Fill in you information below and we will get back to you soon.

Arto Vaarala

Arto Vaarala

Senior Software Developer

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