”We code with a common goal in mind”

At Poplatek, no one works in the shadows. Communality is the result of sharing things and working together. Open company culture, however, does not equal compulsory attendance – you can just code as well.

Own product launch is a festive moment every time. The launch of Poplatek’s Hilu payment bracelet at Helsinki festival is our latest example of it. During the event, Hilu was introduced as a VIP payment possibility to salespeople and invited guests by our Poplatekcrew.


The atmosphere at the event was amazing as Hilu cards worked perfectly. Hilu made the evening memorable as few companies have their own payment card. So, it was fit for a little showoff.


Licence to code

In addition to Hilu, Poplatek has developed many other “our things” along the way. One of our pride is the growth of our own payment terminal service, Poplatek Payments, into its own company.


We also do much more than just product design together. Based on your interest, you can get involved with nearly anything. Everyone’s voice is equally heard.

Unlike in many software companies, along with the consulting business we also have product ideas that one can work on. We also design together how we want to develop our work community. Based on your own interest, you can be involved in almost anything our company does.

Different workgroups are planning the future and solving things that puzzle the work community. These things range from preparing the office spaces to planning refreshing days. At the same time, new product ideas and compelling demos are born – without forgetting the code. 


Even though we plan a lot of things together, the aim is to get to do concrete things fast. Some of us love coding so much that they don’t have the patience to do other things. But there’s no pressure either. At Poplatek, you can get involved if you want to, but also just code. Whatever you choose.



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